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Current Business Issues

As sure as day follows night, this economy will turn around, but for now, CFO's are driving changes in their businesses to deal with the downturn. But this requirement to rightsize the business, has to be balanced with the need to manage its exposure to risk. Call us today to find out how White Squires can help you get the balance right.

About White Squires

"Protection, Truth and Loyalty"...

In medieval times, the Squire was the Knight's assistant.  He would work away in the background, making sure that everything was ready for the Knight when he rode out against foreign foes and dragons.   He'd make sure the Knight's horse was fit, his sword was sharp and that there were no chinks in his armour when he went into battle. He'd also make sure that the Knight's shield was clean and polished, so that the colours and symbols were clearly visible to the enemy.  The word Squire actually means "shield bearer" in Latin and the shield was a very important communication device in the middle ages, with pictures of Castles and Lions symbolising strength and bravery to all who saw them.

The colours on the White Squires shield symbolise Protection, Truth and Loyalty and they represent our promise to our clients.  Our work is focused on making sure that our clients are fully prepared when they go into battle against the rest of the business, the Board or the Shareholders.  White Squires will be there in the background, Loyally protecting our clients by arming them with the Truth about their business.

The changing role of the CFO...

The role of the CFO is changing more than at any other time in history.  The corporate collapses in the US in the early 2000's and more recently the GFC, have meant that the CFO is spending more time with the CEO and is required to have a far more strategic view of the business.  And ironically, as IT improves at an ever-increasing rate and transaction processing becomes more automated, the CFO is taking more control of Information in the business and leaving the Technology part to the CIO.

This puts the CFO in a very unique position because, not only are they the only ones in the business with the ability to accurately quantify risk and reward, but now they have ready access to the top officer in the business and the information required to drive strategy.

But this opportunity brings challenges.  If the CFO is to succeed in this new role, they have got to be bulletproof when they go into battle.   The information they use has got to be right, and they have got to be able to rely on the performance of the People, Processes and Systems that generate that information.  They have to become the "Owner of the Truth" about the business.

The Owners of the Truth...

White Squires helps the CFO to become the "Owner of the Truth", by helping them to transform their Finance Department into a high performing business unit, that can drive operational efficiency and business insight, so the CFO can contribute more effectively to their executive role, helping to shape operational decisions and strategic direction as a true business partner.

By combining technical accounting and IT skills with effective consulting and coaching techniques, we help to improve the performance of People, Process and Systems so that the Finance department can:

1.  Provide a more efficient and effective service to support the business;

2.  Collaborate more effectively with the rest of the Back Office;

3.  Provide higher quality information to support decision making;

4.  Help the Front Office to win more business and manage profitable client relationships.

Our people are qualified accounting professionals and White Squires is accredited as an approved employer by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the largest professional accountancy body in the world. This, together with our strong partnerships with some of the country's leading Information Solutions providers, means that White Squires can provide highly effective technical expertise to the CFO with a focus on solutions that help you get to the Truth about the business. 

If you'd like to find out more, contact us today and tell us about some of the dragons in your Kingdom.

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