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Current Business Issues

Find out how White Squires can help you to plan effectively for the future and to improve business productivity and efficiency in your business with our Business Analysis Programme...more

Business Analysis

“Qantas is adapting and acting fast to these changing market circumstances. We have to be flexible in the current environment because there's so much uncertainty and so much volatility.”

Alan Joyce – CEO Qantas


After years of exuberance, the global economy is deflating and CFO's are facing one of the most difficult periods in close to a century. While they help prepare their businesses to be smaller in the future by focusing on ways to increase productivity and reduce spending, they need to be mindful that when they are finished, they are left with good smaller businesses instead of bad smaller businesses, so they can capitalise on the upturn. To achieve this, they need to have an eye on what their business will look like in the future and they also need a flexible business model that can adapt and act fast to changing market conditions until they get there.

White Squires can help you achieve this. We provide a comprehensive Business Analysis Programme specifically tailored for the CFO that will help you to identify immediate opportunities to improve productivity and efficiency in your business and provide you with the a financial model of your business to help you to plan effectively for the future.

Our Solution (What we do....)

Our Business Analysis Programme typically takes 2-3 days depending on the scope of the analysis and includes:

1.  A Value Driver Analysis to identify your value drivers and KPI's;

2.  An Analytical Review of your financial information and systems to identify opportunities to improve business performance;

3.  A Business Process Analysis to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of your most critical business processes



Outcomes (What you get....)

  • A Value Drivers Map that contains the Value Drivers and KPI's of your business;
  • A Gap Report that highlights the importance key decision makers place on those value drivers to help them manage the business;
  • A Faser – a variable model of your business based on your Value Drivers and KPI's;
  • A benchmarked Analytical Review Report of your financial performance;
  • An Information Systems Audit Report
  • Detailed process Control Maps of three of your most critical business processes;
  • Six identified opportunities to improve business performance and process efficiency with quantified ROI's;


Key Benefits (...and how it will help you)

  • You will have critical information for effective Business Performance Management;
  • You will improve business performance by developing a common language about the business based on at least six clear KPI's linked to the value drivers of your business;
  • You will dramatically improve your ability to react to changing business conditions;
  • You will be able to add value to your business with six clearly defined opportunities to improve efficiency and productivity;
  • You will be able to improve training and continuous process improvement initiatives around three of your most critical processes by using our Control Maps to improve communication.

If you believe you would benefit from our Business Analysis Programme and you would like to organise a meeting with one of our consultants, or if you would like to discuss any of the above over the phone, please Contact us today.


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