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Current Business Issues

As sure as day follows night, this economy will turn around, but for now, CFO's are driving changes in their businesses to deal with the downturn. But this requirement to rightsize the business, has to be balanced with the need to manage its exposure to risk. Call us today to find out how White Squires can help you get the balance right.

Professional Service Firms

Real Estate

Recruitment Agents, Training Providers, Real Estate Brokers, Lawyers and Accountants will all face the same problem in 2009 - not enough transactions for the size of their business. Rightsizing is in full swing right now, but it needs to be balanced with the business's exposure to risk. White Squires can help you get the balance right with our risk-adjusted approach to the Budgeting and Planning process, and with our Cost Base Restructuring and Process Optimisation services.


The global financial crisis is dramatically affecting the ability of Property Developers to fund projects, but a range of alternative funding sources will soon emerge in the form of special REIT's and Government backed taxpayer funds. Businesses will need to submit proposals and applications to access these funds though, and they will also have to report regularly to their new funding providers on the performance of the underlying assets. White Squires can help Property Developers with their investment appraisals and can provide a range of reporting solutions to help make sure they are not at the back of the queue when the cash starts flowing again.


Procurement and pricing decisions are going to be much more difficult in 2009 because of huge variations in consumer demand and in the price of fuel, tyres and other input costs. White Squires provide effective Route Planning and Procurement solutions that will help businesses operating in the transport sector to deal with these variations and maximise their return per kilometer.


Retail is in for a rough ride in 2009 and management need to have their finger on the pulse of their business to compete effectively. White Squires can help them achieve this with effective Demand Planning, Supply Chain Management and Premises Usage Review solutions.

Training & Coaching

Less disposable income in the economy means that businesses in the Not for Profit sector have to get their message out more effectively to their sponsors and supporters, and they have to be even more efficient with how they use their funds. White Squires have the solution with cost-effective Contact Relationship Management solutions, and robust Project Management and Event Planning solutions.

Marketing & Media

There will be increasing pressure on Marketers in 2009, to squeeze as much value as possible from their advertising spend. They will be looking to take a more active role in managing their data and media buying which will put a strain on their relationships with both agencies and publishers. It all points to a major shift in the way that Marketing and Media companies operate and White Squires can help them transition with our Process Optimisation services and by providing cost effective Targeting and Measurement solutions.

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