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Current Business Issues

As sure as day follows night, this economy will turn around, but for now, CFO's are driving changes in their businesses to deal with the downturn. But this requirement to rightsize the business, has to be balanced with the need to manage its exposure to risk. Call us today to find out how White Squires can help you get the balance right.

Performance Improvement

The smooth convergence of people, processes and systems is vital to improving customer service and business success” - Randy Pond (VP Operations Cisco Systems)

White Squires believe that quality information comes from having a strong platform of effective and efficient business processes, consistent treatment of data and robust technology.  We have established strong partnerships with businesses that have proven track records in improving the performance of the people, processes and systems that generate information.  When you engage White Squires you get industry best practice, but you also get:

  • A single point of accountability
  • A positive return on your investment
  • A comprehensive end-to-end solution

There are three blocks on our Strategic Roadmap which contain the steps required to put this platform in place. 


The Standardise block contains steps that improve your business processes and ensure consistency in the way that data is converted to information:

  • We design and implement a standard chart of accounts to ensure consistent reporting across all business units;
  • We reduce the complexity of your business processes by Re-engineering, Automating, Combining, or Eliminating (RACE) unnecessary and wasteful tasks;
  • We reduce the length of your monthly reporting cycle by applying RACE techniques so management information is generated as close to real time as possible;
  • We put effective internal controls and communications in place to mandate and enforce standarised processes across the organisation;
  • We implement robust software solutions to help you reduce the number of finance applications and move away from a reliance on spreadsheets
  • We provide the expertise to help you migrate your data warehouses to standard platforms


The Integrate block contains steps that allow you to combine both financial and non-financial information to give you a deeper insight into your business and the environment it operates in.

  • We help your organisation implement OLAP technology for planning, budgeting, analysis and forecasting
  • We ensure seamless links between financial and non-financial applications with high quality systems integration


The Specialise block contains steps to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your human and technological resources providing you with a positive return on your investment in them.

  • We help you set up Shared Services for transaction processing activities;
  • We help you to Outsource activities that are not part of your core business;
  • We help you to set up Centres of Excellence for decision support activities.



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