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Current Business Issues

As sure as day follows night, this economy will turn around, but for now, CFO's are driving changes in their businesses to deal with the downturn. But this requirement to rightsize the business, has to be balanced with the need to manage its exposure to risk. Call us today to find out how White Squires can help you get the balance right.

Project Management

Effective project management depends on the success of three underlying principles: Clearly defined objectives, stakeholder buy-in and effective communications.

White Squires specialise in Systems Implementations, Business Process Optimisation projects, and in driving initiatives that improve the performance of the people in your business.   All of our projects start during the Business Analysis phase of our Strategic Roadmap, during which we consult the key stakeholders in your organisation to get their agreement on project objectives and to put a comprehensive communication strategy in place.  These are critical components of developing our strategic plan and in building a compelling business case for change.

Our consultants have strong project management experience in businesses across the private, corporate, and public sectors, which when added to our relationships with some of the leading technology providers in Australia, gives you a depth of experience that is rarely attainable in-house. The result for your business is that you get a comprehensive end-to-end solution with a single point of accountability, but most importantly you get effective project management with a positive return on your investment in the process.

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