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Current Business Issues

As sure as day follows night, this economy will turn around, but for now, CFO's are driving changes in their businesses to deal with the downturn. But this requirement to rightsize the business, has to be balanced with the need to manage its exposure to risk. Call us today to find out how White Squires can help you get the balance right.


Headline: Retailers batten down to weather storm
Sydney Morning Herald, pg 11. Carolyn Cummins. 12 January 2009.

The executive director at CBRE Research & Consulting, Kevin Stanley, said the retail industry was more concerned with its survival than undertaking ambitious retail experiments.
"It's time for aggressive competition between retailers to attract shoppers, who appear more concerned about paying off massive levels of household debt. Consumer confidence is at recessionary levels and the economy is slowing fast," Mr Stanley said.

The Retail industry is in for a rough ride in 2009. Aggressive competition means that now more than ever, retailers need to have their finger on the pulse of their business. White Squires can help them do this with:

  • Demand Planning solutions that improve forecasting accuracy, helping you to move stock to match demand and to reduce inventory holding costs and obsolescence.

  • Supply Chain Management solutions that provide a platform for collaborative inventory management, reducing costs through specialisation and outsourcing activities that are not core to your business;

  • A Premises Usage Review including a review of your use of energy and space, so you can capitalise on any inefficiencies and ensure your premises is providing you with a positive return on your investment in it.

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